Friday 6th September 2013 - Married for 2083 days

About Us


LouiseCalm, laid back and totally unfazed by the wedding buzz... oh no that's Laurence!
Trying very, very hard not to turn into a bridezilla (and succeeding for the most part!) but mainly just looking forward to being Mrs Newman!


LaurenceCalm, laid back and totally unfazed by the wedding buzz! Laurence realised early on something that some grooms take months, even years to realise - it's the brides day so chances are you're not going to get a say in anything! Best to agree with her constantly and look forward to the stag night!

How we met...

On a night out in Canterbury their eyes met across a crowded dance floor....Lou maintains it was love at first sight and after their first date told housemate Caz that he was the man she was going to marry! Poor Laurence never stood a chance did he!

The proposal...

On a romantic weekend in Rome (which started with drama including a flat car battery, nearly running out of petrol and Laurence's bag been searched by security) they were at the Spanish Steps and Laurence bought Lou a pistachio ice cream and in it was a beautiful engagement ring (which Lou didn't think was real because it was "so sparkly!!") once she'd been assured it was in fact real and this was in fact happening (after almost 6 years together) Laurence asked "Do you want to then?" to which Louise replied "You haven't asked me anything yet!!"
So he asked her, she said yes and thats why they have their own wedding website!