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Lift Sharing

As lots of you will be coming from outside of Kent it would be brilliant if people are planning on driving and have spaces if you could car share (good for the environment and all that and you can split the petrol costs!)

Or if you would be able to offer lifts from the church to the hotel that would be fantastic too!

Drivers: If you have any spaces in your car, please fill in your details at the bottom.
Potential passengers: Take a look through the options below, get in contact with the driver and then remember to "reserve" your space below so others know it is taken.

Driver's Name Coming from: Seats available
Mary Anne Fermoy () 1: Available - Reserve
2: Available - Reserve
3: Available - Reserve
After Craig and I have dropped the beer off at the hotel in the morning, we will be driving from the hotel to the church and then back to the hotel after the church service if anyone needs a lift at any point.

Add your details as a driver

Please fill in the form below and we will email you when someone adds their details to the site. Your details will not be published publicly on the site, other than your name and starting destination.

We will email you a secure link to edit your details, so you can always change your mind about providing lifts at a later date. Thank you very much for participating!

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