Friday 6th September 2013 - Married for 2083 days

Wedding Party Profiles

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The Wedding party
Introducing the people that are (hopefully!) going to help keep us calm and make sure the day runs smoothly. No pressure or anything....

Jessica du Boulay
Jessica du BoulayMaid of Honour Jess and Lou met back in 2003 when they both worked at the infamous Shoe Studio in Kingston and quickly bonded over shoes, wine and crisps & dip! On 04/04/04 they said good bye to their stilettos and headed off for three months travelling in Australia and New Zealand, a very sober and uneventful trip with absolutely no embarrassing stories whatsoever! The first person to hear that Laurence had proposed and a fantastically organised Maid of Honour! Buy this girl a drink, she’s going to need one!!!
Laura Purton
Laura PurtonBridesmaid Laura is Lou’s sister, definitely the less highly strung of the two, she will hopefully be bringing a calming influence should Lou snap into full on Bridezilla tendencies on the big day! As kids they loved playing at brides and bridesmaids and Lou is definitely looking forward to one last game of dress up with her brilliant sister and best friend!
Kirsten Adam
Kirsten AdamBridesmaid Kirsten and Lou were both on the same corridor back in Keynes College at UKC. Kirsten was one of the first people Lou met at uni and was a firm friend from day 1! Warm, kind and regularly described by people at “the funniest person I know” We think she’s great and are so glad she’s agreed to be our bridesmaid!
Roasannah Herd
Roasannah HerdFlower girl Rosannah is the youngest of Louise’s cousins and also her God-daughter. An absolute cutie who will have just started school the week of the wedding! They grow up so fast….
Emily France
Emily FranceFlower girl Emily is the gorgeous daughter of Laurence and Louise good friend Carl, she will be nearly 3 at the wedding and will hopefully have learnt by then how to say Laurence and that it’s pronounced Louise, not Weeeeeeeze!!!
Chris Milsom
Chris MilsomBest Man Chris and Laurence have been friends for over 20years. They grew up in the same neighbourhood where their adventures and mischief first started (no doubt there'll be more about that in the speech!) Chris is determined, very competitive and has a cheeky sense of humour, so Laurence is sure he'll step up to the challenge of being best man as he always does and enjoy the fun of the day (once he gets Laurence to the church on time!)